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Tiffany Piper

Owner/Midwife CPM, LDM

Tiffany Seiders has been a trusted midwife serving Central Oregon since 2006. With over 15 years of experience, she offers personalized care to each of her patients, ensuring that both the mother and child receive the best possible care. Tiffany believes in empowering women to make informed decisions about their own birthing experiences and supports a variety of birthing options, including home birth and water birth. Her passion for midwifery and commitment to her patients have earned her a reputation as one of the most respected midwives in Central Oregon.

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"Hiring Tiffany as my midwife was the best decision! The attention, knowledge and care I received throughout my pregnancy and labor went beyond my expectations. My husband was so happy to be involved in the process too. Tiffany made the experience so peaceful and full of love, that I'm genuinely looking forward to doing it again."
Lauren Bates
"I was a reluctant first time dad, whose wife really wanted a Home Birth. But my experience with these wonderful folks changed my mind, it was clear how much what they do means to them. They took the time to answer my questions in our prenatal appointments and make me feel like my concerns were both valid and heard, while being reassuring, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Our beautiful baby girl was born at home, and within a very short period of time the midwives had my wife and our brand new baby tucked up in our bed, while they cleaned up and made us a meal. They cheered my wife on, reassured us both throughout the labor and then were just as ecstatic as we were to welcome our baby into our arms. I would recommend them to anyone interested in having an out of hospital birth, at the very least schedule a consult and I'm sure they'll impress you!"
Payne Kruskamp
"My 5th pregnancy (7th baby!) was my first homebirth, and because of Tiffany, it was everything I ever dreamed of! Tiffany is confident and capable; I knew I was in great, experienced hands and that Tiffany could handle any situation…and she did. My husband felt more a part of this birth than of any of our previous births, and it was such an incredible experience for our children and family. It was “our” birth, exactly the way we wanted it. Thank you, Tiffany!"
Robert and Holly Bennington

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