Kind Words from Our Happy Families


Baby Girl

“Tiffany and her assistant Emily were the perfect fit for my home-birth! I was looking for someone who would not transfer me unnecessarily or use coercive/fear tactics but just help me to make the best informed decisions possible for me and my baby without adding in other unnecessary risks. I wanted to do things as naturally as possible without medication and focus on diet and lifestyle factors to help my health and my babies. Tiffany was on the same page with all of that. The first meeting we had, after I had a VERY scary encounter/first and only appointment with local OB Dr. Murphy (who had not only told me all sorts of scary things about homebirth and “what ifs” that were completely unrealistic, unwarranted, and fear-mongering and forced me to have exams I didn’t want and TOLD him I didn’t want) Tiffany looked at me and said “I’m not lead by fear, I’m led by faith” and I left and cried because i was so happy to find a midwife that gets it. At the same time, she is extremely experienced and has a VERY nuanced understanding of everything that has to do with birth. She will give you the facts and is very intentional about not mixing fear into her advice and she deeply respects the wishes of her clients.

We started out care at around 14 weeks and she met with us 14 times before the baby came. At each appointment, we had a full hour to just chat and explore different options in different scenarios and the risks and benefits of all of the vast amount of decisions that must be made during pregnancy and preparation for labour. I was extremely confident the entire pregnancy thanks to her care. I knew that doing the birth with her, I had the absolute best chances of a successful home birth, and if something happened, she would make the right call. When the birth was happening, she was calm and made sure that I was ingesting foods/liquids to keep my energy in my 48 hours (9hrs active labour) and she was always respectful, only performing cervical checks if I asked/consented, only encouraged me to push when my body was doing it already, and helped me through the rough parts in a very professional and compassionate way. She was the exact same in our appointments as she was in the birth, very friendly, professional, and between contraction my husband, her, Emily, and I would banter and just have a very pleasant atmosphere, even in the more uncertain times when I was getting really tired, the room was full of peace and support.

We developed an amazing relationship with her during our time in her care, and really appreciate all of her postpartum help with breastfeeding. I will continue having kids as long as she’s practicing, 😂 I have no idea if I could trust anyone else as much.”

Robert & Holly Bennington

Baby Boy

“My 5th pregnancy (7th baby!) was my first homebirth, and because of Tiffany, it was everything I ever dreamed of! Tiffany is confident and capable; I knew I was in great, experienced hands and that Tiffany could handle any situation…and she did. My husband felt more a part of this birth than of any of our previous births, and it was such an incredible experience for our children and family. It was “our” birth, exactly the way we wanted it. Thank you, Tiffany!”

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