meet Tiffany

First and foremost I am a mother to 5 amazing children, 4 of which were born at home, and the last 2 unassisted. I believe whole heartedly that God has placed me on this earth to be a midwife, and  He has humbled and  blessed me immensely with the beautiful opportunity to serve mothers, babies, fathers, and families.

I began serving families in 1991 as a student with a traditional midwife that was trained on Ina May Gaskins Farm. In 2002 I attended Midwifery school.  As of now, I have been honored to serve families in Central Oregon since opening my own practice in 2006. 

I believe birth is a normal natural process. A time of celebration. I believe that every woman has a right to a safe, dignified, enriched, and satisfying experience. I am committed to providing comprehensive wholesome care that is evidence based,  compassionate, and sensitive to the individual needs of each family. The birth journey is an expected yet commemorative experience. Therefore, emphasis is placed on an outcome that is safe but also gratifying for the family’s spiritual and physical needs.

I have been attending births in Central Oregon for more than 25 years and know in my heart that this is what I was placed on this earth to do.

meet Gwyneth

“After the birth of my first baby, I joined the Shalom Midwifery team to work in the background and focus on the administrative side of serving our clients. While I don’t attend births, or help out in prenatal or postpartum visits, I find a lot of joy watching the families we serve grow. It is such a beautiful process to be a part of! When I’m not here, I’m spending time with my own family, working at my own family’s business or getting outside to camp and hike here in our beautiful home state.”

meet Emily

As a little girl, few things excited me more than getting to take the home birth videos from the midwife’s office. My mom would go in for a check-up and I would leave with a VHS of birth videos; that I would watch over and over until we had to return them. It is comical that I didn’t consider midwifery as a career path until a little over a year ago. But once I started I knew it was exactly where I should be. I have a strong conviction that women’s bodies are not to be feared. That birth is natural and should be an empowering experience. I am so grateful for this season where I can dedicate so much of my time to studying midwifery. In my spare time, I enjoy studying theology and making specialty coffee. I am honored to serve alongside Tiffany and be a part of welcoming little ones into the outside world. 

A woman in birth is at once her most powerful, and her most vulnerable. But any woman who has birthed unhindered understands that we are stronger than we know.
Marci Macari

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